I was so super excited to be a part of Dane & Erin’s wedding day!! I have known Dane for well over 10 years, we used to work with each other at Chilis Eagan back in the day! He was a cook and I was a bartender. I worked there for five years and have remained friends with a good handful of people I worked with over the years, and have 3 official Chilis weddings under my belt!!

I first met Erin two years ago when I photographed their baby, Logan’s, newborn photos. He was so handsome at his parent’s wedding, sporting his tux and fancy sneakers!!

It means so much more to photograph a wedding when there is a personal connection to it, and I am so completely blessed to know each and every one of my couple’s that I am photographing this year!!! Some are friends of friends, some are past clients, and some are employees! It’s been a great year so far and is only going to get better and I roll into the thick of my wedding season!!

Enjoy the sneak peek of their wedding πŸ™‚ Β They are only my second wedding ever to be blessed with a rainbow during the reception!!!

14 thoughts on “Dane & Erin’s Wedding | Twin Cities Wedding Photographer

  1. Oh that rainbow left chills… how great! And coming from a family of photographers (and their friends) you are so right about that personal connection it’s magic

  2. Stunning photography! I adore the rainbow shot as well. And I have to add… having been raised in Lakeville… I know that Chilis in Eagan! LOL.
    Congrats on photographing your friends weddings. How beautiful.

  3. Amy.. am loving seeing more of your work each week and hearing about the personal meanings for you. Feels like your focus (excuse the pun) and practice is evolving and expanding.
    Love to you- Lisa

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