Another Beautiful Boudoir!!

This sexy little Diva came in last week to do a Sexy Little Session for her hubby. He has absolutely no idea she is doing it and he is going to LOVE the photos!

I just have to insert a cute story here, excuse me while I segway. Another boudoir client from a few weeks back came in today to pick up her album and calendar. Her hubby had NO IDEA what she was doing when she brought him with to the studio. I asked her “does he know what it is yet?” and she said “nope!”. I watched them from my window as he opened it in the car and just LOVED watching his expressions. After a few minutes I went out to their car to see what he thought and all he could say was “wow” over and over again!!! He asked if he could put it in his work locker and we informed him that that was she got it for!! He couldn’t quit looking at it! It was SO AMAZING to witness a guy opening his boudoir gift!!!

Now back to this Diva!! She is a “geek” as she calls herself as is the hubby (a biochemist and an IT dude). They are going to start trying to have a baby in the next few months so she wanted to do the session to help “ignite” the baby-making process!!! LOVE IT!!! Here is a sneak peek at her GORGEOUS images!!