Boudoir: a Before & After!

Patti came in a few weeks ago for a boudoir session and utilized our hair and makeup artist, Nicole Fae. I highly recommend investing in hair and makeup if you’re going to do a boudoir session. You are likely to only do this type of session once (although I have several clients who keep on coming in to do them, they are kind of addictive!) and you might as well go all the way!!

Boudoir sessions are seriously SO much fun!! Everyone who comes in is nervous, but I promise those nerves will go away within two minutes of starting your session. I just had a client this week who had read that on my website and didn’t believe me! She was shaking like a leaf when she first came in. When I asked her about two minutes into her shoot if she was still nervous she was suprised to answer “NO!” See, toldyaso!!!

We have an all-female staff and a private studio; we have done hundreds of boudoir sessions. There is really nothing to be scared of!! We will make you look your most awesome best, without making you into someone you’re not. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call TODAY to book your session (Father’s Day is right around the corner!!) Visit our website for more information and images!!