Business Portraits.

Last Friday we had our FREE Facebook Photo Friday sessions and most of the clients were using the images for their business use!! I can not stress enough how important a professional business portrait is! In today’s online “visual” society you want to make the best first impression you possibly can.

If I were looking for a vendor and were comparing two sites; one has a professional portrait (looks friendly and welcoming) and one has a photo of them standing in front of a wall (no matter how nice they look), I am most likely going to go with the one who has taken the care and time to have a professional portrait done! and I know I am in the majority it, I am NOT just saying this because I am a photographer 🙂

Here are some images from our fun day of sessions:

CCP Diane003_pp copy

CCP Carol006_pp copy

CCP Brent001_pp copy

CCP Barbara010_pp copy

CCP Kristine005_pp copy

CCP RachelAmelia003_pp copy

CCP RachelAmelia010_pp copy

IMG_0063_pp copy

IMG_0179_pp copy

IMG_0238_pp copy