Fabulous Friday!

These two beautiful ladies came in last week for their boudoir sessions. They are both getting married this fall and wanted to give their hubby’s a special gift for their wedding night!  I have been doing a TON of these sessions this summer, and they are SO much fun! They are probably my favorite session to photograph right after newborn babies! (two extremes, I know!)

Obviously I only put on my blog a few “tame” photos from the session. Sessions can get as “sexy” and “sassy” as the client wants, or we can keep them totally tame and “glamorous”.  They really are a blast, and most women come in stating that they are so nervous, only to be having a blas after about 5 minutes into the session!! If you have been considering doing a session but are too “chicken” or think you need to lose that extra 10 pounds first, JUST CALL!! We do complete retouching on all of the images, so you will look GREAT! And we know how to pose and light all body shapes and sizes to make you look your best!!