I had the honor of being hired by Filo Productions to be the official photographer for Germanfest MN right here at the Historic Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul (which if you don’t know by know, is literally my front yard, I live/work in the Schmidt Artists Lofts!) Filo Productions is the amazing company that has put together this fest and it has been a pleasure getting to work with these talented people and their crew!

This is a sneak peek at Friday night’s VIP party. I can’t even begin to describe the “community” feeling that permeated through the crowd. My guess is there were about 1,000 people at the VIP event (which included all you can drink beer and all you can eat sausages and snitchzel). Living and working in St. Paul, the West 7th neighborhood in particular, has been such a drastic change from having my studio in Shakopee for the past 12 years. I had an immediate sense of welcome and support. I have made some fantastic connections in the 6 short months that I have been here and my business is starting to blossom in my new location. I feel absolutely “at home” in my new community, and while St. Paul is the capitol and a large city, it has a small-town feel to it as well as a large sense of PRIDE for the community!! I recognized so many faces from our community Facebook page and a few recognized me and stopped me to say HI! {I LOVE THAT}

Enjoy my little sneak peek at Germanfest MN!