Check out Krystie and John’s beautiful guestbook for their wedding this September! We photographed their engagement session last fall and designed a gorgeous guestbook with their engagement images (which include their awesome basset hound, Barney!!!)

All of our wedding packages include an engagement session and guestbook. The engagement session is a very important part of your entire wedding experience, as it gives us the opportunity to work together and interact several times before your wedding day. Many times the groom isn’t as involved in the wedding planning as the bride and I wouldn’t even meet him until the wedding day. When we’re able to work together before hand, we start to build a relationship. I see how the two of you interact with each other. You see how I ask you to pose and make you smile. We get to know each other a bit better before I spend an entire day with you bossing you around at your most special day! When I arrive at your wedding, I hope that it feels like a friend you’ve known forever is showing up!

Click HEREor the image below to view their guestbook design!!! It kinda rocks!!!