Leah and Scott 6.26.10

I had the honor of photographing Leah and Scott’s wedding at the beautiful Stonebrooke Golf Course in Shakopee this past weekend. Everything about the wedding was absolutely beautiful and the bride was stunning! You can just see how much the two love each other, and that makes my job so much fun! The bride is also my husband’s cousin, so that made the day even more special for all of us!

They were surrounded by amazing family and friends throughout the day and we were able to get some fantastic images! It was HOT and HUMID but that didn’t discourage anyone!! All we cared was that it didn’t rain on their outdoor ceremony!! HOWEVER, we did have to seek cover for about an hour during the dance due to a tornado warning! But hey, it’s something to remember the day by, right?! We were in the middle of a great Billy Joel tribute when the DJ broke in and said we had to move to the middle of the building because the sirens were going off. I can say I have never experienced that in my 14 years of wedding photography! But everyone took it in stride and they were able to continue afterwards with the dance and all was well!!

Here is a little peek, if you would like to see more you can view the album on Facebook HERE .