Liam’s Newborn Photos!!

I have been so blessed with truly wonderful clients! This family is definitely one of them! Tricia found me when she was pregnant and wanted to do a pregnancy session with me, and then they would decide if they wanted to use me for their first son’s photos! Well, let’s just say they’re on baby number two now!!! They did the Baby’s First Year Plan with their first child, Nolan, which I am sure you remember seeing many photos of! and recently Tricia’s pregnancy session with Nolan as the big brother! Unfortunately, they have moved to St. Cloud to be closer to Sean’s work, so I am not sure how often I will get to see them now.

The dad, Sean, was deployed oversees right after Nolan was born, so it was no suprise when he returned a year later that Tricia was expecting baby number two pretty much right away!!! I am so excited for them to be able to raise this next baby together rather than apart!! The first photo with Liam and the flag was Tricia’s idea, she had a military friend that had had it done! I LOVED the idea and think it turned out beautifully! It is the flag that Sean flew oversees in honor of Liam-to-be!!! Isn’t that just a wonderful story?!?! It just makes me so happy to write it and be able to say that this family is one of my clients!!! Enjoy the sneak peek!! The foot photo is a must-have classic pose for this family, they love it and it is so fun to look at!