Love On Trial Part Nine ~ An Epilogue
Many of you tuned-in to my blog last week as I covered the trial of Rev. Amy DeLong, who is my sister’s partner. (if this is the first piece you have read, please be sure to start at Part One and read all the way through!) I have been reflecting on this past week a lot, and feel very moved to become a bigger advocate for the LGBTQ Community. The crowd of supporters that gathered for the trial, waiting tirelessly all day each day in the cold drizzle inspired me so much!! It was truly amazing to see the love and support that they were giving Val and Amy during this trial. I want to be able to offer this type of love and suppport to the community by doing what I do best: photography and words.

I have been invited to display my art from the Trial during Madison Gay Pride at Tina’s church. This has really gotten my mind spinning in so many directions as to what I can do to really make a visual statement about Love On Trial.  One idea that has really stuck in my mind and feels like the “project” I need to do, no scratch that, I feel called to do!!! I am going to begin researching funding to create a documentary book highlighting LGBTQ relationships. Almost every gay couple I have met has been together way longer than most straight couples I know. They have more love and passion in their relationships. They have an amazing STORY of struggles, guilt, shame, triumphs, and LOVE! I want to show the world that gay couple’s deserve to be married if they choose, that they deserve every single right that straight people do. There should be ZERO tolerance for discrimination against gays. They are such a LOVING community, and it makes me so very sad to hear some of the stories of hate that they have had to endure! I want to travel across the US and meet these amazing couples and help share their story with the world. This is going to be a HUGE movement and I am so excited to be a part of it!!

I would love to hear YOUR story, please email me if you or you know someone with a beautiful story: flamingoamyjo@gmail and also if you know someone who would like to be a financial supporter in this project! (extra credit if you can hook me up with a publisher!) Help me spread the word about Love On Trial and the beauty that exists amongst the LGBTQ community!!! Are you willing to share this journey with me?? I can’t wait to show you!!