My Night In Jail ~ A Sexy Epilogue

Being a photographer, a writer, a creative, makes for a wicked combination when an interesting story arises in my life. I love expressing myself through photography and written word, and when the two collide I feel even more empowered and inspired!

I knew I was going to blog about my experience with getting arrested and spending the night in jail, I knew this while sitting in my cold cell with nothing but my own imagination to entertain me. It only seemed appropriate that I would have photos of me in handcuffs to accompany the story, so I put out a feeler amongst my photog friends to see who would want to do it and arranged for my friend Candy Coughlin to come to my studio and help me create the vision I had in my head. I knew I wanted them to have dramatic lighting,converted to black and white, closely cropped and show my expressions of fear ,shame, annoyance, betrayal.

I also knew there was a sexier story here as well, and she did too! You all know I photograph beautiful women all the time. What you may not know is that I also have had my own boudoir photos taken on three different occasions. I felt it was important to be on the other side of the camera and to show my own photos on my boudoir website to help gain trust and confidence of potential clients. I wanted to create a bond with them so that they would feel comfortable while walking into an uncomfortable situation of taking your clothes off in front of a complete stranger.

Candy and I both knew I had to take some sexy boudoir inspired photos of me with the handcuffs…. It just wouldn’t be me if we didn’t. I am completely comfortable with my body and my sexuality. I am proud to post these photos of myself {insert LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” here} I share these with you in hopes that you too will be inspired to consider a boudoir shoot, or a photoshoot in general. To express who you are. To allow me to tell your story. To help create a memory, freezing a moment of your life into an image that you will cherish forever. A glimpse into your soul, your heart, your beauty, your confidence, and your uniqueness.

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