Staff Spa Day!!!

Today we had a Staff Spa Day and staff meeting!! We have been going a million miles an hour here at the studio and thought that a spa day would be an appropriate way to relieve some of the day-to-day stress we have been dealing with!! We started the day off with a very productive staff meeting, followed by a mani and pedi spa treatment, chinese delivery for lunch from Asian Hon , and then staff photos!! A HUGE thank you to Allure Hair Salon for accomodating all of us for our spa day, we all had a great time and just LOVE your spa and staff!!! Here are some fun pics from the day at the spa!


Heide showing off her rockin’ mani while hanging out in the pedi!!



Emily clearly enjoying her pedi treatment!


Emily enjoying the pedi spa treatment


Amy enjoying the mani


Mandee relaxing during her mani


Brooke getting her mani