The Minnesota River Flood.

As you may be aware, we have some major flooding going on in Shakopee. The Highway 101 and the Highway 41 bridges to Chaska/EdenPrairie are completely closed due to the flood. Today I was on my way back to the studio from an on-location session and decided to stop and take a few quick photos. The first one is of Excalibur at Valleyfair, it is a little hard to see, but the ride is under water at the bottom. The other photos are of Huber Park in downtown Shakopee.  I know it’s hard to imagine, but the river is “normall” beyond the outter line of trees and down a steep bank!! You can see the white and red signs that are almost completely under water, they say “Steep Bank”! LOL! It is crazy how much water their is, and it isn’t supposed to fully crest under late Wednesday night! But at least no major structures are in danger of flooding, or homes.