I love when I am involved on a “top secret” mission!! Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can share the story and images!

Many of you may recognize Jen that works for me.┬áHer mother-in-law lives out of state, as does her sister-in-law. Well, mother had really hoped for a photo of her three children together while her daughter was visiting in the Twin Cities (she lives in NYC and it’s rare that the 3 siblings get together all at once). Jen went on a mission to make this happen and scheduled the session with me as soon as she knew that all three of them could feasibly be in one place at the same time!!! We had a great day for a session, and Matt and his sibblings were SO easy to work with (not to mention a beautiful family)!!

According to Jen, the look on her mother-in-law’s face was absolutely priceless when she realized that the kids had done a PROFESSIONAL portrait session for her!! It’s stories like these that really make my heart happy!!

Here is a sneak peek at the beautiful session we took here outside my studio in Saint Paul!

saint paul family portrait photographer