Fabulous Friday!

I have been busy photographing a TON of Boudoir Photos this past month, so I am finding it easiest to do a generic post each week with a few images from my boudoir sessions to share with my loyal readers!

Boudoir Photography is something that every single woman should do for herself! You will leave feeling beautiful, sexy, and empowered! Yes, it may be intimidating and frightening to think about taking your clothes off in front of another person that is not your significant other, but it really isn’t uncomfortable or akward at all! I have NEVER, not once, had a boudoir client that was still nervous after the first couple clicks of my shutter! You will seriously feel like a rockstar during your session, I promise you!!

We use Brett Dorrian Aristry Studio for our hair and makeup, and for the first hour you are here you will be pampered by their staff, which gives you a few moments to relax and understand how much FUN your session is going to be!! So don’t hesitate, I can tell you are boudoir prices will be going up in May!! Call today to save and get your session on the books!! Custom Creations Photography : 952.233.2169