This past week I decided to get a permanent reminder tattooed on my left forearm. It is a constant reminder to love myself, unconditionally, ALL.THE.TIME.

This past year was a rough one for me. And there were a few super bumpy months in there, months where I just didn’t know how I was going to continue. Times where I wanted to throw in the towel on love, life, photography, and everything in between. I went through a divorce, I dated a few liars, cheaters, creepers, and weirdos, I had some crazy psycho clients, I had “friends” stab me in the back (seriously, who needs enemies with friends like that?! I wasn’t sure whether to keep my studio or move it into my home, I lost a fabulous employee and friend. I didn’t know how I was going to manage my business and homelife all on my own. I was all alone for the first time in pretty much my entire life.  I was on the brink of losing my mind.

Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in order to see what’s really important in your life. I am surrounded by AMAZING friends and family. I had people looking out for me constantly. True friends who had my back no matter what I did or was going through. They were there for me and loved me unconditionally. Yet, I wasn’t allowing myself to love myself. I saw this ugly, dark, bitchy, stupid, run-down person staring back at me in the mirror. I had really lost my way and it scared me, a lot.

I am really good at hiding my emotions and what is eating away at me from others. I have learned over the last few months that I need to just let go, and allow others who want to help me to do that! And I have learned to love myself again. I know that I am awesome, talented, beautiful, charming, witty, smart, funny, oh the list goes on. But I do really need a permanent and constant reminder of that. Hence why I tattooed “Love” on my arm where I see it all day long.

It is beautiful and sexy, and I am so happy that I decided (rather randomly) to have it done. It’s a positive message to me and to anyone who sees it.

Thanks to Edsel at Lucky Linda’s Tattoo Parlor in Shakopee 🙂