Sarah’s Boudoir Photos

Sarah’s session is just SO much fun I had to ask her if I could share some of her images! and of course she loved them so much she said ABSOLUTELY! (just don’t tell her fiance if you see him, it’s a big ol’ suprise for their wedding day!!!!) A huge shout-out to our fabulous hair and makeup artists at Brett Dorrian Artistry Studios . Brett and her staff of amazing ladies is who we use exclusively for our boudoir sessions , and they are totally fabulous!

Sarah said their relationship is more about fun and playful so she wanted that to show in her boudoir images . She brought some totally perfect outfits and it was really fun for me to capture that side of her, as well as the super sexy side!!

Boudoir sessions can be as sexy, fun, tame, glamourous, wild, or steamy as you would like them to be! We will stay completely within your comfort zone and make sure that you are totally relaxed and having fun during your session! Everyone thinks they’re going to be crazy nervous having Boudoir Photography taken of them, and they usually are a little edgy when they first walk in. However, after getting hair and makeup done they are starting to relax, and after about 2 minutes into their Boudoir Session they are totally into it and having fun!! and a Boudoir Session is much more affordable than you might be thinking so check out our Sexy Little Gifts !

So what are you waiting for? Call today to schedule your session and give yourself a gift of amazing, beautiful Boudoir Photography !! Any one of our all female staff at  Custom Creations Photography 952.233.2169 can help assist you with scheduling your session or answering any questions you may have!