Tom & Liz’s Wedding

Tom and Liz were married on the North Shore at Split Rock Beach Labor Day weekend and I had the pleasure and honor of photographing their special day!

Tom is a photography instructor at Hennepin T ech and him and Liz own Posers Photography in the Twin Cities. I have known Tom for several years and got to know him pretty well while I was President of the Twin Cities Professional Photographers Association and he was my go-to guy at the school where we held our meetings. I honestly didn’t know Liz very well, and was only Facebook friends with her until they asked to meet with me to photograph their wedding. It is always a little nerve-wrecking to have another photographer interview you about their wedding photos, let alone TWO of them!! It was a total honor to have them select me from the literally hundreds of photographers they know here in the cities.

Since they booked their wedding with me, I also had the pleasure of photographing their engagement session as well as Liz’s boudoir session and also Tom’s son’s wedding! I have gotten to know both of them very well, and they have become close friends of mine that I cherish very much. Their wedding was so special and beautiful I wanted to make sure I captured it exactly how they had it invisioned!! They had a small wedding and were surrounded by close friends and family, it was absolutely beautiful (although it did downpour about an hour before the wedding, but as you can see the skies cleared and the sky became bright blue!). Liz was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen, and the two of them are so stinking in love it is heartwarming!! Here is a sneak peek, I hope you enjoy!! I love you both so very much, thanks for being there for me and for allowing me to be there for YOU!!