I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing Boudoir concept shoot a few weeks ago!! I got the idea when one of my fellow photogs offered up her property to me to photograph on, and I asked her what she thought of my idea. Well, she loved it and the rest is history! I put out a call for models on my Facebook page, and had no problem finding these three amazing ladies!! Mariah, Cody, and Mellissa were former clients of mine so it was SO easy to work with them again on this project.

A Concept Shoot is something that us photographers do on occasion to get our creative juices flowing, and to build up relationships with other industry vendors. We brought in some awesome people that made the shoot AMAZING!!!

Flirt Boutique of St. Paul supplied the beautiful lingerie
Sarah Elizabeth supplied the awesome hair and makeup
Laurie  Smith supplied the gorgeous jewelry
Donae Cotton supplied the most fantastic scenery and photography assitance
Custom Creations Photography supplied lead photography

Personally, I am a HUGE advocate of Boudoir Photography. I believe every single woman deserves to feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and gorgeous! I am SO incredibly tired of hearing women say things like “i’m too fat” “I could never do a session like that” “I don’t have the body for that” “i’m too old for that” because you know what?!?! It’s just an EXCUSE!!! I have had every shape, size, age, and race come thru my studio. I have had size 0-30. I have had women up to the age of 57 (that I know of). If they can do it, I KNOW YOU CAN!!

Of course it is a little nerve wracking to take your clothes off and parade around in a skimpy outfit in front of a stranger (ME), but I promise you, after 2-3 minutes you will be totally fine! I have never had a client who was still nervous after we got started. and you know what? they actually had a TON OF FUN!!

Everyone wants to feel sexy and glamorous, let me help you find that!!!! Call today to schedule your Sexy Little Session!!!